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Gary has over a quarter century of experience working in the community. He was born, raised, and educated in the state.

...Trust in Commitment

Of the many reasons to turn to Fortune Strategies, foremost is the serious involvement we establish with you to achieve an accurate and effectual assessment of your present situation, of your potential, and of the alternatives open to you. Not a simple task. But you deserve the intuitive understanding and detached analyses that come only with a close association, over time. You benefit most from our services when both parties are engaged long-term. To ensure you this commitment, we limit our client list to those we can effectively serve, a fact clearly evidenced by the longevity of our existing client relationships - enduring relationships that reflect satisfaction.

...Trust in Experience

The shortest way to planning success is long years of experience. Ours. Professionally applied to your situation. You'll have the financial planning expertise developed over decades of dealing with a multiplicity of enterprises and personal circumstances. Helping you commit resources. Bringing an additional dimension to your business, by partnering our seasoned, impartial perspective with your priorities. We begin by listening.

...Trust in Relationship

The personal attention of a client-centered specialist is the soundest foundation for a long-term association. Our clients are given every reason to remain with us. This is the most profitable way for us - and for those we serve. The essence is people; their needs, prospects, potential by achieving a sharper focus on your business results and developing a greater grasp of the costs needed to meet your priorities. We create an intense and effective relationship - based on the mutual goal of adding value to your assets and your operations.

...Trust in Results

Aligning assets, abilities and circumstances to create a desired outcome helps ensure the greatest return on your efforts and investments, the most personal satisfaction, the best future. We strive for that additional percentage of performance that comes from skilled investment structuring...balanced insurance protection...creative financial planning. Your strengths and success are fitted into a fully-dimensional financial plan which will focus your assets to pursue your personal goals. These are the tools that align your assets and your abilities to create the future that you desire and the business relationship that we seek.

...Trust in the Future

Success is in the journey - but it's shaped by your destination. Planning for the protection of accumulated assets, for the continuation of an enterprise, for the preservation of an estate, is a process that deserves skilled attention and advice. "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards," as Kierkegaard noted. But by analyzing and anticipating your unique strengths and needs, the choices and issues become clear. It's an ongoing process. Connecting your business, financial, and personal goals with the means and methods that will best help you toward a satisfying future. We begin our relationships with you exactly as we plan to continue; by listening